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How to attract more women

Now I understand all women are different and that means different women like different things. The advice I’m giving is the advice that has worked for me the past however many years I was in the club / dating scene.

First off I’m going to talk a little about appearance and attractiveness what has worked a majority of the time for me. I know a lot of people might be thinking well lets put two and two together and assume that a preppy type of girl is going to go for a preppy guy, a rocker style girl will go for a rocker style guy, and a nerdy girl will only like nerdy guys. Yes you may see couples together that are alike in appearance so that leads people to assume the girl only likes one type of guy. This is 100% false iv dated all different types of women from the nerd to the prep to the all around everything girl. Now how can i do that? The way I look at it is I put a little bit of everything into my appearance so every girl can have at least a little something that attracts them to my appearance. Let me give you a little example of what I am talking about. From my hair to my shoes I have a bunch of different things going on. I use to go for the simple bald fade with a number 3 on top for those who don’t really know hair cut types its basically a very short fade. I wanted something different so i decided to go with the “faded mohawk” no this is not your normal mohawk this is a a blended in mohawk that gives a clean cut/ preppy rocker/ bad boy look. “OK why are you telling me this who cares about your hair” well the reason I’m telling you this is because i learned one thing from this haircut, HAIR MAKES A DIFFERENCE. The first weekend I went out i was getting hit on like crazy, YES i was being the one hit on. My biggest guess was because it gave that bad boy / very clean taking care of myself look. Now am I telling you to go out and get a faded mohawk and magically you will get girl?? I wish it was that easy but no. I have a sleeve of tattoos so I’m pretty sure that plays a lot of play in the bad boy look too.

How to dress is a hard thing to tell someone to do because no two girls usually like the same thing. For this reason is why I like to make sure I put a little bit of everything in to my clothes fashion. DRESS LIKE YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR APPEARANCE!! Try to always dress nice,cheap ralph lauren polo, does that mean a collared shirt and tie? NO, you can wear a plain white t shirt and still look really nice make sure its a clean, ironed, and well taken care of shirt though. Fortunately for me I have the tattoos,cheap ralph lauren, interesting hair style, and small gauged ears ( about a zero size) and yes I get complements on them from every different type of girl so don’t tell me only rocker girls like that type of stuff. I think the key was making sure i didn’t go to big on the sizes (that’s what she said lol). So because i already have that bad boy look i try to make my style of clothes different from that for example i dress slightly preppy , slim jeans, nice polo shirt or button up shirt and throw some high top shoes in the mix. There you have it got the Bad boy look the preppy look and the rocker style look all in one outfit. I’m not telling you go out and copy me I’m simply saying find your style maybe try to throw a little bit of it all in there and see the different types of girls who are interested in you. This opens up a lot of different dates and possibilities.

Now the hardest part “How do I act?? what do I say?? This can be a little tricky because like I said before all women are different. The best thing I can say is you are definitely going to have to come up with stuff to talk about so try to get involved with a a lot more stuff than you usually do. Watch the news listen to different types of music than you usually do,cheap ralph lauren, anything to have a range of topics to talk abou,t so your not stuck sipping on your soda at the restaurant not knowing what to say trying to look at the other people hoping shes not staring at you for you to say something. Its kinda important that you can at least be able to keep a good conversation usually I ask a lot of questions about them and when I find something that I can relate to on a topic I take off with that. Its really quit simple to keep up a conversation just remember to talk about her the majority of the time and not yourself over and over and over. Example “so what do you do for a living”, she says ” I work in the hospital” you can say oh yea I bet you have seen a lot of crazy stuff since you have been there” she says yea maybe tells you a little story maybe not this is where you can tell her about a time you chocked on a penny and had to be rushed to the hospital when you were six or anything really. Just ask questions intel you can find something to relate to.

Now lets say your at a bar or the club how do you go about getting girls there?? Well what has worked for me almost all the time is confidence. Walk with confidence even if you dont have it just walk around like you have it, dont keep your eyes down and look at the floor keep your head up look at girls and smile. Go with friends one or two guy friends, going in a large group really isn’t the best idea because then she might get a little uncomfortable coming up and talking to you. WHOA did I just say she comes up to you? Yes i did. Most guys will have you believe that you have to go up to the girls and talk to them. Not true at all, lets say that a couple of girls are noticing you at the bar or anywhere and you decide to go up to one of them,cheap ralph lauren, ok well now the other four girls who were looking at you just seen you go up to another girl that you were interested in now they just lost attention because what girl really thinks ” Oh wow that was so sexy that he just made a move on another girl ” sorry cant say they do. I’m not saying sit there like a boring guy, and magically all the girls will flock, what I am saying is make sure you show you are having a good time with you and friends. Show that your having fun, that your there for that reason only,cheap ralph lauren, you dont need a girl you can get girls anywhere ( not saying this is true make them believe that) walk around smile at girls say hows it going in a nice way then walk away. Hang out a little ways away from the bar so you have more of a reason to walk around because you have to go get more drinks every 20 minutes. When girls see that your not going to come up to them they will most likely come up to you, not every time, but from my experience they will,ralph lauren outlet online, or at least make a indication they are interested, and if some other girl notices that another girl is walking up to you it looks a lot less like your the bad guy hitting on all the women you can because your desperate. One other thing I have to say is I will never understand why guys will say things to a girl like “DAMM YOU HAVE A NICE A WHATS UP GIRL” has that ever really worked ? has any girl every been walking back from buying a drink and tell her friends hey guess what I think I’m going to go out with that guy next weekend he just yelled out I have a beautiful ass”. Come on guys there’s about a million better ways to say something to a girl you just met save that for when you at least have gone on a couple dates. Maybe its worked I don’t know I have never seen it happen and I have definitely seen it happen a lot. Good luck and like I said no this wont work on every single girl in the world but this has definitly helped me ,ralph lauren outlet uk, give it a try. Any other questions let me know

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